My New Favorite Show

Lucifer MorningstarIsn’t he though!! Hot as Hell, that is! I especially love it when he does “devil things” – like giving someone a quick glimpse of his devil face, or showing his super-human (or should I say IN-human) super-strength. I absolutely love this show, and I’m so sad that the season is almost over!

I was really happy to hear that the critics were going wild over it, too. Hopefully, that means it will be renewed for next season. But it also kind of worries me that I like it so much. I hope it isn’t drawing me into “the dark side”. Oh no!

Lucifer2They couldn’t have picked a more perfect actor for the part than Tom Ellis. Although I think that sometimes he seems a little bit dorky, but then he comes back as such a delicious bad boy!

I don’t really like his full devil face, I think it’s ugly! They shouldn’t make him an ugly devil – ruins his good looks. But I love his red-eyed angry look. You can see it for a quick second in this gif:


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